Mr Fox
Mr Fox
Occupation Solicitor (False occupation)
First appearance 11th May 2015
Number of appearances 1
Played by Maynard Eziashi

Mr Fox was the name - undoubtedly false - of a man employed by Tony Stewart to make an offer for Steve McDonald's half-share of the Rovers when he put it up for sale in May 2015. He was conned into doing so by Tony who, unknown to everyone, wanted the entire establishment for himself and his secret girlfriend Tracy Barlow.

Steve, Liz McDonald and Michelle Connor had just played host to a visit by a couple named the Morgans who had made themselves as objectionable as possible with their plans and comments and therefore the ground was prepared for an offer from a more reasonable quarter. Mr Fox presented himself as a solicitor employed by a company called Travis Limited, in reality a front company set up by Tony himself. Steve had looked for the company on the web but was obviously unable to find anything. Mr Fox explained that they were a new company based on the Isle of Man whose founder - Mr Travis himself - used to own a huge chain of pubs and was now building up a portfolio of traditional establishments such as the Rovers where they would take their share of the profits but leave the landlords to run the pubs as they saw fit. Steve had momentary doubts but was persuaded that he had no choice. Mr Fox assured them that they would be left alone to continue living in the pub and Tony showed him out, with a whispered thanks.

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