Mr Healy was an Environmental Health Officer who called into The Kabin following a complaint that there were no toilet facilities, even though they operated a small cafe in the back. Rita Fairclough summoned Len quickly and the two were told there was a potential fine of £100 or a three month prison sentence for failure to comply. Healy got both Len and Rita's backs up with his condescending attitude and they demanded to know who had made the complaint but he refused. Furious, they pointed out that the flat had a toilet that anyone could use and there was a public toilet fifty yards down the road but Healy was unrepentant. Len asked Alf Roberts to make enquiries and he discovered that the complaint had been made by Joe Dawson who was at that moment converting the premises next door into a cafe, even though he had told the Faircloughs that it was going to be a bakery.