Mr Howard
Mr Howard
Occupation Preacher
First appearance 9th May 1966
Number of appearances 1
Played by Alec Mango

Mr Howard was a preacher on the mission circuit who led a service at the Glad Tidings Mission Hall in May 1966. The circuit, in association with Weatherfield County Borough Council, had recently changed the mission and was making it a combined community centre for the residents with evening classes and play groups for mothers. Ena Sharples strongly objected, feeling that the hall should only be used for religious purposes. This upset social worker Ruth Winter who came to Coronation Street enthused with ideas but found it impossible to establish a working relationship with Ena, who handed her the keys and moved into No.5 with Minnie Caldwell.

Ruth voiced her concerns about Ena to Mr Howard, thinking that she showed signs of being confused. Mr Howard knew Ena of old and felt that she always knew her mind very well. He was worried though that she was late for the service though she did turn up just in time to play the organ as usual. Towards the end of the service, Mr Howard extolled the benefits of the new community services as something that was God's work as Ena looked on with pursed lips. He intoduced the last hymn, Let All That Breathe, Jehovah Praise but no sound came from the organ. Ena stood up, unable to stay silent any longer, and told Howard that his work was to praise the Lord and not teach people to dance. She made it quite clear that she wanted nothing more to do with the Mission and walked out.

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