Mr Jameson was the bar manager at the Warwick Hotel. When the machinists from Underworld went to the hotel for their Christmas party in December 1997, the evening ended with some unfortunate consequences for some of the Street residents:

Ida Clough was surprised to see Jump Jackson was playing there. When she reminded him that they used to be childhood sweethearts, he told her that she was mistaken and was far older than him. Ida was angry at his snub and further humiliated when Janice Battersby said that she found the singer sexy and they shared a kiss.

Janice's husband Les caught the pair kissing and went for Jump, pulling off his wig and thumped Mr Jameson when he tried to break up the fight. Jameson was furious and vented his anger at barmaid Liz McDonald. He sacked Liz upon finding out that she knew Janice.