Young Aadi Alahan suffered a small fall when playing with Simon Barlow and knocked his head in August 2010. Seemingly fine, the next day it developed into a haemorrhage and he fell unconscious on the sofa in 7 Coronation Street and was rushed to Weatherfield General. There, neurosurgeon Mr Jordan carried out an MRI scan which showed up the haemorrhage. He told Dev and Sunita Alahan that there was extra pressure on the child's brain and that they would need to operate. The operation was successful and the Aadi was stable but Mr Jordan was puzzled as to what sort of fall could have caused the condition to occur. When a Nurse spotted strange bruises on the child’s shoulders, she alerted Mr Jordan, and the child protection unit were called in to investigate.

DC Merrick of the police and Lynn Clucus of social services investigated but Mr Jordan limited their interview of Aadi to a strict fifteen minutes. A week later, he told the delighted Alahans that Aadi was progressing well and would be allowed home in a week however when that time was up, both Aadi and Asha were removed from their parents' care as the cause of the original injury couldn't be established. Mr Jordan was present when the devastated Alahans were told.

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