Mr Khan was the father of Felicity and Joanne Khan. A strict but caring father, he lived in Canterbury with his wife and daughters, apparently holding down a good job.

In 1990, when Flick's grandmother became poorly in Karachi, Mr Khan and his wife flew out to Pakistan to see her, and Joanne went to stay with Flick at 7 Coronation Street until they were back in the country. While in Weatherfield, Joanne fell for Steve McDonald and when Flick's grandmother was given the all-clear, Joanne went off on her own with Steve on Jim McDonald's motorbike so that they wouldn't be separated by her return home. Terrified of her father's reaction, Flick didn't call the police but when Liz McDonald did so, she had to give them their address and called her mother to let her know what had happened. As soon as Mr Khan was informed, he set off for Weatherfield in his car, arriving after Joanne had been missing for two days.

As Steve and Joanne hadn't told anyone where they were going, there was little Mr Khan could do in Weatherfield but his presence had the unfortunate consequence of stoking already raised tempers at the McDonald household. While visiting to find out more about Steve, Mr Khan asserted that his daughter wouldn't have been the instigator, causing Jim to brand Joanne a "fast wee girl" who had set Steve and Andy against each other by seeing both of them. He changed his approach towards the McDonalds when Flick made him see that it didn't matter who was at fault.

Joanne returned that evening, hitchhiking alone from the Lake District after abandoning Steve. Mr Khan gave his daughter a warm welcome and allowed her a night's sleep before questioning her, but when she refused to say what had happened, Mr Khan suspected that Steve had done something to her and argued with Jim again when he broke the news of Joanne's return to the McDonalds. It transpired that Joanne was staying quiet out of loyalty to Steve, who had asked that she not tell anyone where he was, but after seeing how much Liz was worrying, Joanne gave her the address of his digs at The Ullswater Hotel.

Mr Khan took Joanne home to Canterbury that day, accompanied by Flick and Jenny Bradley who were visiting en route to France for a backpacking holiday. Two months later, when Flick decided to live in Marseille with a Frenchman called Eric, Mr Khan disowned his daughter.

As remarked upon by Flick, Mr Khan was once a praying man but less so in recent years.

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