Mr Lane
Mr Lane
Occupation Businessman
First appearance 19th March 2007
Number of appearances 1
Played by Sion Tudor Owen

Mr Lane was a client of Leanne Battersby when she was working as a prostitute, under the alias of "Rachel", but had led both the client and the hotel Concierge to believe that she was an escort working for a legitimate agency. The pair met in the bar at The Bowdon hotel - with Mr Lane slightly apprehensive as it was the first time he'd used the agency. Leanne put the older gentleman at ease by telling him that all statements and invoices would be billed as "secretarial services". He suggested that they went up to his hotel room to have another drink.

The pair were spotted heading to the lift leading to the hotel rooms and sharing a kiss by Janice Battersby, who had gone to the hotel to surprise Leanne after she had told her that she would be working there at a property exhibition. A furious Janice confronted Leanne after she had worked out exactly what she had been up to.

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