Mr lotterby
Mr Lotterby
Occupation Solicitor
First appearance 8th December 1989
Last appearance 13th December 1989
Number of appearances 2
Played by Ron Meadows

Mr Lotterby was Alf and Audrey Roberts's solicitor. When the Roberts arrived at their new semi in Hillside Crescent to find the previous owners, the Ballantynes, still living there, they sought legal advice to resolve the situation. Mr Lotterby told them that the Ballantynes were waiting for the occupiers to vacate the house they were buying, and in the meantime were still the legal owners of the house. His explanation did not satisfy Audrey, who was embarrassed after having to stay in a hotel and being spotted by Vera Duckworth. Audrey felt that the house was rightfully theirs and accused the Ballantynes of squatting. She was annoyed further when Alf told her off for questioning Lotterby's knowledge of the law. Mr Lotterby also advised them against claiming for expenses incurred due to delay.

A few days later, Lotterby paid a visit to the Corner Shop to tell the Roberts that the Ballantynes had taken their house off the market. Audrey was just as brash as before, accusing him of doing nothing to help them. Lotterby pointed out that he'd gone out of his way to give them the news when the onus was on the Ballantynes to inform them.

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