Mr Maddox-Smith
Occupation Board Member of Miami Modes
First appearance 10th November 1969
Last appearance 12th November 1969
Number of appearances 2
Played by Sydney Tafler

Mr Maddox-Smith was a member of the Board of Miami Modes who came to Elsie Tanner’s November 1969 trial on a charge of stealing from the store. He was there at the request of Mr Palmer, Elsie’s lawyer, and was willing to give a character witness for her, having known her for many years since his days as a buyer for the “Better Dressed” department. In the end, his statement was not needed as the matter was dropped because of insufficient evidence. However the matter raised was not cleared as there were slight contradictions between Elsie’s evidence and that of her supposed friend Dot Greenhalgh - the true culprit.

After the case, he asked to see Dot and Elsie back at No 11 where he told them that if he’d had his way the case wouldn’t have gone to court at all but the matter was too far gone by the time he’d got to hear about it. He pointed out that the fact remained that the goods had been stolen and as they didn’t know who the thief was there was still a shadow over the firm and Elsie’s department. She and Dot would always be under suspicion and the best thing would be for the two of them to resign to stop the indecision and the hurtful guesses. Elsie accepted the inevitable and also said a final goodbye to Dot after many years’ friendship.

Eighteen months later in May 1971 Mr Maddox-Smith was contacted for a reference on Elsie by Dennis Maxwell, the personnel manager of the newly-built Mark Brittain Warehouse where Elsie had applied for a job. Hilda Ogden had made the management aware of the 1969 incident but Annie Walker and Maggie Clegg had pleaded Elsie's case. Maddox-Smith told the entire truth including the fact there was conflicting evidence., nevertheless Maxwell offered Elsie a job as supervisor.

List of appearancesEdit


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