Mr Mason
Mr Mason
Occupation Debt Collector
First appearance 25th February 2000
Last appearance 29th March 2000
Number of appearances 2
Played by Leigh Symonds

Mr Mason was a debt collector who pursued Gwen Loveday for repayment of the large amount of money she owed to many lenders. His first visit to her when he managed to secure a small interim payment was witnessed by Jim McDonald who failed to see the signs of Gwen’s profligate ways.

A few weeks later Mr Mason was back and warned Gwen that her debts had been sold and that the new “owners” would not be as accommodating with her excuses as he had been. This action contributed to Gwen's increasing desperation to the point where she attempted to steal money from Jim who kicked her out of 11 Coronation Street where she had set up house with him.

Mr Mason appeared in just two episodes, a month apart. On his second appearance he was credited was “Debt Collector”.

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