Long-haired Mr Murdoch and his wife were the landlords of the Murdoch Guest House in Blackpool, where the Websters and Rita Sullivan stayed when they went on holiday there in July 1994. The party ended up changing hotels as the Murdochs argued all the time with no consideration for their guests.

On the day the Websters arrived, the Murdochs were late serving dinner as they were rowing. When Mr Murdoch finally attended to the guests (while Mrs Murdoch barked orders from another room), it was to ask if they liked Indian food (there was a take-away on the corner). They had another row at midnight, this time over Mr Murdoch not doing enough housework, which resulted in him proving a point to his wife by hoovering the stairs. Kevin Webster pulled the plug out and told him people were trying to sleep, but the man seemed to be past breaking point and merely sat on the stairs, sobbing.

The next day, Sally decided to help the Murdochs out by lending a hand in the kitchen but when Rosie's tea was inedible, Kevin told them what he thought of them. The other guests cheered him on.