Tyrone Dobbs and Kirk Sutherland found themselves involved in a bitter battle for the hand of Fiz Brown in January 2004 with both of them proposing and Kirk gaining the upper hand by singing Slim Shady to her bedroom window. Tyrone was determined to make an equally romantic gesture and consulted Candice Stowe for ideas. She told him that her dream proposal would be from a man on a white charger, which caused Tyrone no end of confusion as he thought she meant a battery charger.

When he was put right, he remembered Coronation Street Garage customer Mr Newhouse ran a stables and, promising him free servicing on his vehicles for two years, borrowed the use of a large, white horse from him. Promising him that the animal was very amiable, a nervous Dobbs mounted Dobbin and trotted past Underworld as Fiz exited with the other girls. Unfortunately, he had no time to get his proposal out before the horse cantered swiftly away down the Street with Tyrone totally unable to bring it back under control and Mr Newhouse in hot pursuit. "D'Artagnan" later turned up in the Rovers, his arm in a sling, after falling off the horse some way away in Tile Street.