Mr Newton
Mr Newton
Occupation House salesman
Children Two
First appearance 30th July 1980
Last appearance 13th August 1980
Number of appearances 2
Played by Christian Rodska

Mr Newton was a smooth-talking salesman for the Willow Crescent Estate, a development of new-build houses in Weatherfield. Gail and Brian Tilsley, eager first-time buyers, originally planned in April 1980 to buy a £16,000 house on the estate at No. 16 Willow Crescent but Gail discovered that she was pregnant and would have to give up her job at Jim's Cafe. They backed out but the tenacious Mr Newton called on them in July 1980 and told them that he had a cheaper one-bedroomed property on the same estate at 5 Buxton Close for £13,000 which would mean repayments of £100 per month. The house was originally bought by a couple who spilt up before they could move in as she ran away with a bloke from the local takeaway. Brian not impressed as it only had one bedroom but Gail was very taken with the idea, keen to get away from Ivy Tilsley as they were currently living with Brian’s parents.

The young couple argued over the prospect as Brian had done his sums and realised they would have very little money to live on but Gail was adamant. After a few weeks Mr Newton rang them on a Saturday to tell them that they were in competition with others who were also very keen. He spoke with Ivy and passed on the message that a firm commitment was needed before close of business that day otherwise they would lose the house. He went so far as to call on them at home later that afternoon in a last ditch attempt to get them to sign and despite Ivy’s warnings that Mr Newton could be spinning a yarn to get them to commit, Brian signed for the sale.

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