Mr Parr
Mr Parr
Occupation Building Foreman
First appearance 5th January 2000
Last appearance 19th January 2000
Number of appearances 3
Played by Peter Walsh

Mr Parr was the foreman of the building site development on Victoria Street owned by Duggie Ferguson. Roy Cropper enquired anxiously of Mr Parr whether the new buildings would contain a cafe, nervous of any competition for Roy's Rolls. Although he was unable to get a satisfactory answer, Roy was nevertheless pleased to see that the construction workers used his cafe for all their catering needs however he was less pleased several days later when he approached Mr Parr with a bill for £37.42 for his workers' breakfasts after being told he would settle the sum, only to be told that he'd been had. Just a few days later, the builders disappeared when the contracting firm went bust. Mr Parr promised Duggie new builders but was angrily told not to bother.

List of appearancesEdit


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