Mr pritchard
Mr Pritchard
Occupation Drink Company PR Rep
First appearance 31st October 1977
Number of appearances 1
Played by Bernard Latham

Mr Pritchard was the PR Representative for drinks company Halliwell's who came to the Rovers to deliver the good news that a couple in Coronation Street had won a second honeymoon prize in their recent competition for their "loving cup" drink. The regular's were incredulous to hear that the winners were Stan and Hilda Ogden. He made his way to No. 13 where the "loving couple" were engaged in their latest doorstep argument. Persuading them to enter the house he broke the news to them that that had not won first prize (a Caribbean Cruise) nor second (a weekend in Paris) but the third prize of a night in a five star hotel. Nervous because of the reaction of the pub regulars and his own experience of witnessing their row, he enquired if there was a relationship problem which may bring his firm adverse publicity. Stan and Hilda immediately became a "loving couple" and told the young man that what he seen was merely "domestic friction" and a "lovers' tiff".

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