Mr Rodgers
Occupation Interview panel member
First appearance 17th May 1971
Last appearance 13th March 1974
Number of appearances 3
Played by John Dawson

Mr Rodgers was one of five members of a panel interviewing applicants for the post of caretaker at the newly-built Community Centre in Coronation Street in May 1971. Along with Alf Roberts, Ernest Bishop, Miss Prowse and Mrs Mellish, he interviewed Mrs Helliwell, Hetty Thorpe, Mr Draper and Ena Sharples.

Ena was the favoured candidate for Alf and Ernie, mainly because of a combinations of threats and blackmail she had made to the two men. During the interview at Weatherfield Town Hall, Mr Rodgers remembered Ena from her April 1969 protest outside the Town Hall over the proposed demolition of an OAP Clubhouse but Alf managed to talk him round from taking too negative a view of that occurrence. Nevertheless Mr Rodgers ended up voting with the two ladies for Hetty Thorpe to be given the job.

Just under three years later, with the caretaker post vacant again, Mr Rodgers was part of another panel to select a replacement, this time alongside Alf, Ernie, Emily Bishop and Vera Hopkins. On this occasion, Mr Rodgers was none too impressed with Fred Olliphant and his wife, with Mr Olliphant being so talkative and his wife so quiet that the panel decided to see the husbands and wives separately in future. However, he was greatly impressed with, of all people, Stan and Hilda Ogden, singing their praises to a stunned (and horrified) Alf and the Bishops. Knowing the Ogdens would be disastrous caretakers, Alf and the Bishops argued for Gertie Robson to get the job, and the committee was eventually swung to Gertie's favour due to her need for accommodation.

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