Mr Stanton
Occupation Council Official
First appearance 27th August 1975
Number of appearances 1
Played by Martin C. Thurley

Mr Stanton was a nervous young man employed by the Treasurer's Department of Weatherfield Council who called at 13 Coronation Street in an effort to make the Ogdens aware of the consequences of not paying their rates. They were part of what they thought was a community-wide protest action. Watched on by Weatherfield Gazette photographer Eddie Royle and cheering crowd, Hilda played up to her cheering audience by suggesting that Mr Stanton sold his car to pay off their rates. She prodded him to get him how much the council's "mounting wage bills" she was being asked to pay were coming his way and then got Eddie, Stanton and the crowd to follow her and Stan to the Rovers where all the other non-payers would be for a group photograph. As Eddie raised his camera, Hilda asked for her fellow protesters to step forward and join them. No one did, all sheepishly admitted that they'd caved in a paid up. "We're on our own again, chuck" was Hilda's disappointed response.

Later on, the well-meaning Stanton called back at No.13 with a suggestion that the Ogdens apply for benefits to help them with their rate arrears. Hilda was unappreciative of this suggestion as it would mean having to undergo a means test.

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