Mr. Stevens
First appearance 14th July 1993
Number of appearances 1
Played by Josh Moran

Mr. Stevens was a prospective buyer for Maud Grimes and Maureen Naylor's house, 7 Nightingale Street, in July 1993. He arrived to view the property and was shown around by Maureen, who was keen for the house to be sold so that she and her fiancé Reg Holdsworth could buy a new home to share with Maud. However, Maud was unhappy at the prospect of being confined to a 'granny flat' while the newlyweds led their own lives, so she decided to scupper Mr. Stevens' viewing, inventing tales of rising damp and mice infestations. Despite Maureen's desperate efforts to persuade him to ignore Maud, Mr. Stevens was suitably horrified and made a hasty exit, leaving Maud triumphant.

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