Mr stogdale
Mr Stogdale
Occupation Furniture store manager
First appearance 14th July 2010
Last appearance 15th July 2010
Number of appearances 2
Played by Christopher Chilton

When John Stape assumed the identity of teacher Colin Fishwick to get back into the profession he needed a cover story to explain to the Street residents what his employment was. He chose a furniture salesman and was duly horried when the Windasses thought he could get them a discount off a new three-piece suite. He turned up at Festina Furniture, pretending to be one of the salesmen and acted out the part when Anna and Eddie turned up. Highly strung because of his chances of being found out, he snapped at another Customer who wanted help and she in turn reported him to the Manager, Mr Stogdale. He questioned John who span him a yarn that he worked in furniture retail for twenty-years and couldn’t stand being made redundant. The manager was sympathetic and allowed John to try and close the sale with the Windasses on a fortissio three-piece suite, which he duly did. Mr Stogdale was impressed and told John that they would be recruiting in a few weeks and he should leave his details.

Credited as "Manager", the character was named in dialogue in the second of his two appearances.

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