Mr Weir was the stony-faced officer assigned to Les Battersby to ensure that he carried out his sentence of one hundred and fifty hours community service for benefit fraud. Les was horrified to discover that he was assigned to clear up graffiti from his own haunting ground of Coronation Street and Viaduct Street and aggressively demanded to be sent to Inkerman Street instead. An unimpressed Mr Weir told him he was there to be punished and to get on with it.

Les was the subject of ribald comments from Street residents surprised to see him working for once but he told them with a straight face that he himself had demanded to do his community service in his own community. Scrubbing the walls with fellow “convict” Dennis Stringer (sentenced for non-payment of parking fines), the two fell foul of Mr Weir when he caught them skiving in No. 5. Things got worse though when the Weatherfield County FC logo reappeared painted on the walls of the viaduct night after night. Mr Weir didn’t believe Les had cleared up the mess in the first place and said he was referring him back for re-sentencing with a recommended that he serve a term in prison. Although Les never found out, the culprit was Tyrone Dobbs determined to exact his revenge for Les repeatedly making fun of his illiteracy. Hearing that Les was on the point of being jailed, Tyrone felt guilty at his actions and relief when Les’s story that he was the subject of a vendetta was believed.

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