Mr Whittaker
Mr Whittaker
First appearance 22nd February 1971
Last appearance 24th February 1971
Number of appearances 2
Played by Dudley Jones

Mr Whittaker was the manager of the newly-built Brookside Motel which put on a grand opening in February 1971. There were several guests of honour including Annie Walker and the Mayor and Mayoress of Weatherfield. Proceedings became confused however when Billy Walker was given the job of repairs the mayoral Rolls Royce at the Canal Garage and, for a laugh, took Irma Barlow and Alan and Elsie Howard out for the day in the car, wearing a chauffeur's hat. The car was misdirected by a helpful RAC Man down the road towards the motel where, upon arrival, the Howards were mistaken for the Mayor and Mayoress due to their vehicle.

Mr Whittaker directed a small girl to hand Elsie a bouquet of roses and they were ushered inside for the opening where they were announced to most of the gathered party, the remainder, including Annie, being on a guided tour of the establishment. Mr Whittaker mistook Irma as the Howard’s daughter and she confused the poor man with a convoluted story about her “parents” many divorces and remarriages and their home at Tatlock Towers just outside of Oswaldtwistle. Later on, hearing that the Howards were from Weatherfield he introduced the group to Annie who had to remain quiet as she had been overheard by them boasting about the “cocktail lounge” she ran back home.

Although the episodes in which the character appeared were videotaped in colour, the location sequences were shot on black and white film as a carry-over from the ITV Colour Strike which had ended a couple of weeks before. As the character was only seen on location, all of his scenes were therefore in monochrome.

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