Mrs. Cleghorn was a woman who called at The Kabin on Boxing Day 1973 when the shop was closed for the Christmas season. Her banging at the door forced an irritated Rita Littlewood downstairs from the flat to see what the commotion was. Mrs. Cleghorn had brought with her a £1.25 popgun which she'd given to her nephew for Christmas but it was already broken; she now wanted to exchange it for a working one. Rita had no time for the woman, who spoke with an accusatory tone, and told her to write to the manufacturer if she wasn't satisfied. Rita's problem was made worse when Bet Lynch and Hilda Ogden followed in Mrs. Cleghorn's wake, having noticed the shop door was open. Mrs. Cleghorn then hit Rita below the belt by telling her she didn't know the look of disappointment on a child's face and didn't understand her plight. The problem was solved when Bet, fiddling with the toy, got it to work, but Rita had already had enough and retreated upstairs, leaving the trio to it.