Mrs. Lacey was the deputy registrar at the March 1978 wedding of Alf Roberts and Renee Bradshaw.

Eighteen months later she turned up on Coronation Street as a prospective buyer for No. 11 after Elsie Tanner had moved to Torquay with Ron Mather and had put the house up for sale. Unfortunately lodger Suzie Birchall had other ideas and, keen not to lose the roof over her head, put off every buyer who called. Mrs Lacey was told that the windows all needed replacing but told a dismayed Suzie that her husband, Frank, was a builder and would have no problems with them. They were moving house following the wedding of their son, Kevin, as their old home was now too big for them. She thanked Suzie for her honesty as she had seen houses stated as being in excellent decorative order but with the wallpaper hanging off walls. Suzie had other tricks up her sleeve though and invited Mrs Lacey to bang loudly on the wall adjoining No. 13 to test how solid it was. Mrs Lacey did so and provoked the wrath of Hilda Ogden who banged back, yelled abuse, turned her radio up loud and came rushing round to shout the odds at Suzie. Introduced to her new prospective neighbour, Mrs Lacey hurriedly left leaving Suzie to bestow a grateful peck on the cheek of a very puzzled Hilda.

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