Mrs Armitage was the mother of Shirley Armitage. In 1988, when Shirley moved out of the family home in Nelson Street to live with Curly Watts at 15a Coronation Street, a worried Mrs Armitage turned up at the flat to inspect Shirley's new living conditions - and her boyfriend, whom Shirley had yet to introduce to her parents. Things got off to a bad start as Mrs Armitage and her youngest daughter Lucy appeared while Shirley and Curly were testing a mattress which they had just installed in the flat. Mrs Armitage reminded Shirley that living in sin with Curly was against her Christian upbringing, and she also expressed concern that Curly was a responsible enough adult as he had left his job to study business at college. However, a reassuring talk from Curly was enough to convince Mrs Armitage that she had nothing to worry about.

In August of that year, when her only brother Bernard was rushed to hospital in Birmingham due to a problem with his water works, Mrs Armitage and her husband went to Birmingham for a few days to be by his side. Mrs Armitage arranged with Shirley by phone to leave Lucy with her and Curly, although Shirley didn't consider the arrangements final and was affronted to find her mother had left Lucy with Curly in her absence. On her return to Weatherfield, Mrs Armitage was surprised to be met at the bus station by Lucy alone - Shirley and Curly were unable to meet her as they were looking for Lucy, who had disappeared from the flat when Curly went for a drink with Terry Duckworth. Mrs Armitage brought Lucy to the flat to clear up the misunderstanding and although clearly cross with her daughters, she decided to forgive them.

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