Mrs Ashbrook
Mrs Ashbrook
First appearance 30th November 1977
Number of appearances 1
Played by Myrtle Devenish

Mrs Ashbrook was the owner of a terraced house that Mavis Riley was interested in buying in November 1977. She viewed the house by herself in the morning and made an appointment with Mrs Ashbrook to come back at 1.00pm with Derek Wilton. When they came back as promised, they were taken with the garden although Mavis said that she wouldn't have much time to tend to it with her job. Mrs Ashbrook joked that she would show them the rest of "the estate" but the guns were out that day. Instead, she offered them a cup of tea.

The asking price of the house was £6,000 but the building society wouldn't lend Mavis the money on her single salary. Derek agreed to be joint mortgagee but had to back out several weeks later when his firm moved him out of the area.

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