Mrs bligh
Mrs Bligh
Occupation Sunliners Cruise Director
First appearance Coronation Street - The Feature Length Special (1995)
Played by Elizabeth Bennett

Mrs Bligh was the cruise director for Sunliners and took a special interest in the entertainments being arranged by Alec Gilroy aboard the QE2, hence her frequent travel on the ship. Alec was scared-stiff of the lady but took a risk with her absence on holiday to "sell" newly-married Curly Watts her cabin on a Mediterranean voyage for £1,000 cash. He was therefore horrified when she appeared on the ship just before it left dock at Southampton. He hastily ejected Curly and Raquel from the cabin and told Mrs Bligh that they were new members of his staff. She told him in typically forthright terms that she didn't trust him an inch and, that was why she had pretended to go on holiday - she wanted to surprise him and see what he was up to. Finding a black negligee beneath her pillow that Curly had left for his wife, she mistook it as a sign of Alec's true feelings for herself and as she was now free from her loveless marriage, her husband having died recently, she gave Alec signs that she was willing to further their "relationship". To Alec, this was even worse than having her as his harridan boss. He managed to avoid further romantic entrapment on the journey and at the end of it she reverted to her usual officious type, telling Mr Watts that he really wasn't cut out to be a cruise entertainer. Curly heartily agreed.

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