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Mrs chadwick
Mrs Chadwick
Spouse(s) Bob Chadwick
Children Nigel Chadwick
First appearance 14th November 1990
Number of appearances 1
Played by Julie Westwood

Mrs Chadwick was the mother of Kabin paperboy Nigel Chadwick. In November 1990, Mrs Chadwick's husband Bob forced his son to quit his round when Percy Sugden questioned the boy about a recent break-in at 4 Coronation Street, which Nigel took to mean that he suspected him of having a hand in the burglary.

As Nigel was owed four days pay, Mrs Chadwick went to the Kabin to collect his wages from Rita Fairclough, who at that point had no idea why the boy hadn't turned up for his round. Mrs Chadwick told Rita about the mystery man who interrogated Nigel, describing him as "small, flat cap and a tash". Emily Bishop, who was chatting to Rita before the woman entered the shop, immediately realised that it referred to Percy, and threatened him with eviction if he didn't drop his investigation.

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