Mrs Denelly
Mrs Denelly
Spouse(s) Mr Denelly
Children Carlton Denelly
First appearance 20th December 1991
Number of appearances 1
Played by Cathy Raymond

Mrs Denelly was the mother of Carlton Denelly, a small boy who visited Father Christmas’s Grotto at Bettabuy where Percy Sugden had been employed to play the part of the supposedly jovial figure in December 1991. Upon seeing the long list of presents the boy had, Percy lectured him on his greed and his mother on the importance of sticking to a budget. She stormed off and berated Reg Holdsworth who in turn sacked Percy and donned the Father Christmas costume himself, only to find himself confronted by a furious Mr Denelly the next day when he came to “see to” the man who had upset his wife and son. After threatening a spluttering Reg, Mr Denelly emptied the contents of the lucky dip container over him.

Mrs Denelly was credited as "Mother" on her appearance however her husband was credited as “Mr Denelly” when he appeared in the following episode.

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