Mrs Donovan
Mrs Donovan
Occupation Orphanage Official
First appearance 24th February 1961
Number of appearances 1
Played by Mary Duddy

Mrs Donovan was an Irish orphanage official who accompanied Lucille Hewitt home to 7 Coronation Street in February 1961 when she was allowed out for the day to see her father Harry on his birthday. As no one was at home when they arrived, Mrs Donovan had her suspicions that Lucille hadn't been telling the truth about the event and wasn't pleased to leave the child alone. Lucille used the key on a piece of string behind the letterbox to let herself in and told Mrs Donovan that she would get herself some biscuits for her evening meal. As the lady had another appointment to go to, she left Lucille to her own devices, telling her that she would be returning at 8.00pm to see that she was alright and advising her not to open the door to any strange men.

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