Mrs Fanshaw was a customer of builders Charlie Stubbs and Jason Grimshaw who had an appointment to fit a radiator in her bathroom. Upon arrival at her house, the two men were greeted by her as she met them in a red satin robe, purring that she had just woken up. Charlie was somewhat unfazed by the reception while the younger Jason was instantly in lust with her but assumed that it was the older man that she was after. He got a shock when she bought them tea and biscuits and told Jason that his was a special confectionery treat - a “Silky Secret”. Charlie took his cue shortly afterwards and left Jason to “finish the job”. On the pretext of a faulty thermostat in her bedroom, she led the boy in there and soon made her intentions crystal clear. He succumbed, despite being the supposedly faithful boyfriend of Candice Stowe. Afterwards she told him that she was very pleased with his “work” as Mr Fanshaw’s plumbing didn’t “work that well”. When Jason found Charlie in the Rovers afterwards, he discovered that Charlie had “met” Mrs Fanshaw before and had left the lad alone, knowing full well what she had in mind for him.

The incident had repercussions a few weeks later though when he was sent by Charlie to fix a leaky radiator at 8 Coronation Street. Gail Platt answered the door in a dressing gown and, after completing the job and being told he was a good looking lad who had to fight the girls off, he assumed that he was in for a repeat performance of his time with Mrs Fanshaw and made a move on the astonished older woman. This time, word of his exploits did get back to Candice, via Audrey Roberts, and she tearfully finished with him.

The role of Mrs Fanshaw was played by Alison King, two-and-a-half years before she returned in the regular part of Carla Connor.