Mrs Fletcher
First appearance 29th May 1972
Number of appearances 1
Played by Irlin Hall

Mrs Fletcher was a customer at the Corner Shop. Built on the generous side, she asked for some slimming bread from Ellen Page who was on a morning's try-out as Maggie Clegg's assistant. Mrs Fletcher told her that she and her husband were going to Benidorm in less than three weeks and he had told her that if she didn't lose half a stone he would refuse to sit on the beach with her. She also asked for half a pound of Cheshire cheese and Ellen advised her to try cottage cheese instead. When Maggie interjected to say that she didn't stock this item, the two women looked askance at her and Ellen told her it would go like a bomb if she got some in. This was another example to Maggie of Ellen's bossy ways which she found too reminiscent of those of her sister, Betty Turpin.

She called in later in the day for more slimming items which again Maggie didn't have. She was tempted by some doughnuts on the counter but newly-arrived Norma Ford put her off with a comment that they were off to get rid of her.

The character was named in the credits and not in the dialogue

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