Mrs Fletcher 1982
Mrs Fletcher
Spouse(s) Arthur Fletcher
First appearance 26th May 1982
Number of appearances 1
Played by Marlene Sidaway

Mrs Fletcher was a customer of Eddie Yeats's on his bin round. She followed him round to the back garden of her posh house as he started to collect the bags and was taken aback when he questioned her as to how good the Bulgarian red in one of her empty wine bottles had been, though he got round any possible offence by gossiping about the number of empties that he had to take away from the nearby No.29 each week.

Mrs Fletcher asked Eddie to take away an old suite. Knowing that Hilda Ogden was after one, he span Mrs Fletcher a yarn that he coudn't take the furniture away officially with him and that she wouldn't get satisfaction either if she rang the depot, claiming that she would get caught up in a power struggle taking place there. Instead, he got her to offer him £5 to take the suite away himself and coerced Stan Ogden into collecting it on his handcart. Hilda was grudgingly pleased with the item, claiming that she had seen something similar in Brideshead Revisited.

Mrs Fletcher was played by Marlene Sidaway who returned to the programme eight years later as the domineering Brenda Taylor, a.k.a Kimberley Taylor's "mummy".

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