Mrs Glover
Mrs Glover
Occupation Headmistress
First appearance 30th June 2014
Last appearance 3rd September 2014
Number of appearances 2
Played by Gillian Waugh

Mrs Glover was the headmistress of Bessie Street School following the resignation of Brian Packham. In June 2014 she called in David and Kylie Platt to speak to them about the behavioural problems of Max Turner.

The two parents were kept waiting on child seats in the corridor and got into a play-fight which ended up with David being pushed on to the floor - just as Mrs Glover called them into her office. She told them how Max constantly talked through class and got into fights. She annoyed Kylie by asking how things were at home and got snapped at that it was the teacher's fault. She told them they'd monitor the situation but Kylie refused to believe that there was one to be concerned about in the first place. As the weeks went by she was forced to change her mind and Mrs Glover added more evidence in early September after Max's return to school following the summer break when she again called the Platts in to show them red paint that he had thrown at the walls during a lesson and while he was being observed by Amanda Dewhurst, a specialist nurse, who was looking for signs of ADHD.

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