Mrs hargreaves
Mrs Hargreaves
Occupation Housekeeper
Residence 17 Mawdsley Street
Spouse(s) Norman Hargreaves
First appearance 22nd May 1989
Last appearance 20th November 1989
Number of appearances 2
Played by Judith Davis

Mrs Hargreaves was a housekeeper employed by Alec Gilroy during his separation from Bet in May 1989. Alec rang the Home Care agency in desperation as he'd run out of clean shirts and had resorted to wearing a Hawaiian shirt behind the Rovers bar, much to the amusement of the punters.

Arriving at the Rovers, Mrs Hargreaves was interviewed by Alec, although it was more a case of Alec being interviewed by Mrs Hargreaves, with her questioning him on his family situation and pay. Alec told Mrs Hargreaves that Bet was between jobs, making no mention of his marital problems, and so desperate for help was he that he readily agreed to pay her the full rate set by the agency plus time and a half to start right away. His shirt shortage came as a surprise to Mrs Hargreaves - she's assumed he was "in a band or summat".

Mrs Hargreaves met Mrs. Gilroy when Bet came into the living room after spending the day shopping, catching the new housekeeper doing Alec's ironing. Furious at Alec's nerve, Bet ordered her to stop, claiming the iron was hers, and then when Alec suggested Mrs Hargreaves work in the bedroom, Bet seized on that to insinuate that he wanted to get her up there as he was a sex maniac. Much to Alec's relief, Mrs Hargreaves overlooked Bet's antics, but later, when a short-handed Alec asked her to work behind the bar for an extra £10 and a free taxi home, Mrs Hargreaves announced she'd had enough and resigned.

Six months later, an irate Mrs Hargreaves called into The Kabin to return a wrongly-delivered paper, upsetting Mavis Wilton who was coping alone during Rita Fairclough's disappearance. Mrs Hargreaves informed Mavis that her husband Norman always read the Star with his breakfast, and stormed out.

Mrs Hargreaves was always seen wearing a hat, even while working.

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