Mrs Harrison
Mrs Harrison
Residence Park Road
First appearance 4th January 1978
Number of appearances 1
Played by Sandra Voe

Mrs Harrison was a woman who turned up at Perkins store at dawn to be first in the queue for the January sale and was surprised to see Hilda Ogden had beaten her to it, having slept in the doorway overnight. She got on Hilda's nerves with her snobby and pretentious comments. When Stan Ogden and Eddie Yeats turned up with coffee and liver sandwiches for her breakfast, Mrs Harrison made snide comments to the others in the queue that she could never bring herself to eat offal.

Ted Thomas of Radio Weatherfield turned up to interview the bargain hunters and Mrs Harrison told him in her best la-di-da voice that she was after some gold fluffy cushions for her lounge suite. When it was Hilda's turn to be interviewed, she was busy talking when the doors behind her were opened and Mrs Harrison was first into the store.

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