Mrs Helliwell was one of four applicants for the position of the newly-built Community Centre in Coronation Street in May 1971. She joined the other candidates - Ena Sharples, Hetty Thorpe and a Mr Draper - for an interview at Weatherfield Town Hall which was conducted by a panel of five - Alf Roberts, Ernest Bishop, Mrs Mellish, Miss Prowse and Mr Rogers. All four candidates were kept waiting for a considerable time in the corridor outside the committee room and Mrs Helliwell told Ena that her nephew had said it’s part of the psychology of employers to do such a thing. As time wore on, she gossiped to Ena that Ernie was carrying on with a woman who served at his camera shop i.e. Emily Nugent, but Ena didn't correct her. She came out her interview happy with the result but not with the fact that she didn’t get coffee herself when it had been served to the panel.

Mrs Helliwell was the last of three guest roles played by Kathy Staff before she took up the regular role of Vera Hopkins in 1973.