Mrs Holt
Mrs Holt
Residence Richmond Street
First appearance 26th July 1978
Number of appearances 1
Played by Josephine Antosz

Mrs Holt was an elderly customer of Fairclough and Langton when the firm was on its downers for having lost three thousand pounds plus profits on a hotel job when the latter's owners went bust. Len Fairclough and Ray Langton decided desperate measures were needed and planned to undertake emergency call-out work with high call-out charges to cover their losses. Mrs Holt was their first customer, asking them to come out to fix a blocked-toilet. Len easily completed the work but couldn't bring himself to charge her the intended £30. He told her that some firms were cowboys who would rip her off and subsequently only charged the nervous woman an extra pound on the usual £4 sum. Relieved, Mrs Holt said that was more than reasonable and that she'd liked Len's face as soon as she'd seen him!

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