Mrs lambert 1989 character
Mrs Lambert
Occupation Social worker
First appearance 22nd February 1989
Number of appearances 1
Played by Jenny Howe

Mrs Lambert was a social worker who investigated young Jason Stubbs's living circumstances in February 1989, after the police found out that Jason and his friends had had a booze-up at the Stubbs residence as a result of his being left unsupervised while single mother Sandra worked.

As part of her investigation, Mrs Lambert made enquiries at Jason's school and summoned Sandra to an interview. Addressing Sandra in a detached, non-sympathetic tone, Mrs Lambert brought up the fact that she had received a visit from a social worker before, when it was feared that Jason might be at risk from his father Ronnie in November 1986. Sandra then warily mentioned her cleaning job at the Rovers Return, and her helping out behind the bar. The social worker told Sandra flatly that it was against the law for Jason to be left to his own devices, and that something would have to change. Mrs Lambert then drew a parallel between Sandra working at a pub and Jason's drinking, however the lager cans were actually purchased from the Corner Shop. Fearing Jason being taken into care, Sandra immediately quit her job and went to stay with her mother until she found something more permanent for her and Jason.

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