Mrs Mawdsley
Alison Mawdsley
Occupation Masseuse
Residence 75 Holmwood Road
First appearance 16th February 2000
Last appearance 20th February 2000
Number of appearances 3
Played by Ishia Bennison

When Fred Elliott started to suffer severe back pains in February 2000, he tried all recommended remedies to alleviate the pain with the notable exceptions of Natalie Barnes's suggestion that he lose some weight and Roy Cropper's of acupuncture. Groaning with pain in Freshco's one day, Mrs Mawdsley, another customer, suggested he take advantage of her massage service. Fred called at her home by appointment one evening and was in the middle of his "treatment" when a squad of police headed by DS Johnson raided the property and arrested Mrs Mawdsley for keeping a lewd house. Fred was also taken in for questioning, watched by a passing Tyrone Dobbs.

Fred tried to keep the matter quiet but found it impossible when Mrs Mawdsley turned up at his meat counter the next day demanding that he appear as a defence witness at her court hearing. Refusing, Fred was then subjected to a barrage of loud questioning in front of the other shoppers about the fact that he took his own clothes off and she didn’t strip him down! Fred was subjected to many ribald comments in the Rovers when word got back to Coronation Street but when the police dropped the charges against both Mrs Mawdsley and himself, he threatened anyone who made similar comments again with slander. Matters though were not helped by Fred describing Mrs Mawdsley as a regular customer of his who enjoyed "sausages, sometimes mince and, on high days, a nice bit of rump!"

The character's Christian name was given as "Alison" on Episode 4772.

List of appearancesEdit


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