Mrs maxwell-glover
Mrs Maxwell-Glover
Residence Knutsford
Spouse(s) Brian Maxwell-Glover
First appearance 19th April 1991
Number of appearances 1
Played by Sally Faulkner

Mrs Maxwell-Glover was a wealthy woman who interviewed Jack and Vera Duckworth when they responded to her advert for a personal chauffeur and a housekeeper. Her advert caught Jack's eye as the interviews were expenses paid. Jack then applied, claiming to be travelling from Southampton, and dragged a reluctant Vera along when they were called to the house in Knutsford for an interview.

As they were shown around the Maxwell-Glover residence, Jack and Vera played the part of a well-off couple who were leaving the employ of Sir Alec and Lady Gilroy-Holdsworth to get back to their roots. Mrs Maxwell-Glover was taken with the couple and bragged excitedly about her Emperor Nero model double jacuzzi. When she noticed that the contact number they gave her was a local one, Jack explained that they were staying with friends in Weatherfield, in a "trendy converted workman's cottage". She then asked about a reference from Sir Alec, but Vera then remembered that Jack had left it on the piano at home and they offered to send it on later.

After seeing other applicants, Mrs Maxwell-Glover decided to give the Duckworths the jobs, pending receipt of references. Jack wanted to avoid contact with her but being so close to having a position of respectability, Vera wasn't so sure. Joss Shackleton forged a reference for them but Vera had a crisis of conscience and told Mrs Maxwell-Glover they weren't taking the jobs. That same day, the Maxwell-Glover house was burgled and the Duckworths were questioned by Det. Sgt. Richardson. Assuming it was about the expenses, the Duckworths confessed. The misunderstanding was quickly resolved, much to the amusement of the detective.

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