Mrs Mellish was one of five members of a panel interviewing applicants for the post of caretaker at the newly-built Community Centre in Coronation Street in May 1971. Along with Alf Roberts, Ernest Bishop, Mr Rogers and Miss Prowse, she interviewed Mrs Helliwell, Hetty Thorpe, Mr Draper and Ena Sharples.

Ena was the favoured candidate for Alf and Ernie, mainly because of a combinations of threats and blackmail she had made to the two men. During the interview Mrs Mellish asked Ena why she wanted the job and Ena replied that it was because she was selfish - she liked being surrounded by people, both young and old - and this job would ensure that that would happen. Alf and Ernie felt certain that Mrs Mellish would vote with them but she ended up siding with her other two colleagues and Hetty Thorpe was offered the position.