Mrs Morris
Mrs Morris
First appearance 24th April 1974
Number of appearances 1
Played by Barbara Miller

Mrs Morris was the niece of an elderly woman who lived on one of the streets next to Coronation Street and who had lent Mavis Riley her valuable sugar bowl to be used as a prop in the amateur production of The Importance of Being Earnest at the Community Centre. Mrs Morris felt that her Aunty Freda had been taken advantage of being in her nineties and, as she put it, three sheets to the wind half of the time. Upset that most of the things her Aunty lent to people were never returned and determined to reclaim the bowl, she barged in past doorman Albert Tatlock telling him she wanted to speak to the organ grinder and not the monkey. She then argued with Mavis and Emily Bishop on stage before curtain up and threatened to be back. She was, with a policeman, and the two of them distracted Emily who missed her cue on stage for several long moments. As the play drew to an end, she waited in the wings and then sneaked on stage at lights down to retrieve the bowl and was as shocked as anyone when the lights came up for the cast to take their curtain call and she found herself in full glare of the laughing audience. Albert made her come off the stage immediately and escorted her out of the hall, the precious bowl in her hands.

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