Mrs Nandhra was a former headteacher at Bessie Street School and was accompanied by the school secretary to the canteen for an informal meeting with Peter Barlow and his partner Leanne Battersby.

With six-year-old Simon's maternal grandfather recently coming into the family's lives, George Wilson saw recovering alcoholic Peter a threat to his grandson and started to make his own decisions regarding Simon's welfare. After taking the child on a weekend to Spain, George and his wife Eve had Simon staying with them and made it practically impossible for Peter to have "access" to his son.

In an attempt to keep Simon away from George, Peter explained to Mrs Nandhra that they'd overlooked a dental appointment which Simon needed to attend at midday and had therefore come to collect him. The pair were immediately floored when she informed them that Simon's grandfather had kept him off school that day - stating that he was feeling under the weather. Keeping his composure, Peter concocted a story about his phone not working correctly - hence not hearing first-hand about the child's absence - and apologised to Mrs Nandhra for troubling her.