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Mrs pickles
Mrs Pickles
Children Wayne Pickles
First appearance 1st June 1988
Last appearance 6th June 1988
Number of appearances 2
Played by Jane Lee

Mrs Pickles was the mother of the bullying Kabin paperboy Wayne Pickles. When Wayne started a campaign of intimidation towards his replacement Jason Stubbs after being sacked by Mavis Riley for failing to show up for work five times in a month, Mavis called at the Pickles' apartment complex to inform his mother. Mrs Pickles turned out to be even worse than Wayne, defending her son while yelling abuse at a rattled Mavis, threatening her with violence if she came back again spreading tales.

Mrs Pickles had another encounter with Mavis a few days later when she and Wayne turned up at the Kabin to demand recompense for the damage to Wayne's bicycle which occurred while Wayne and Jason were having a fight. Sandra Stubbs, Jason's mother who was in the Kabin at the time, interrupted the conversation to stick up for her son, calling Wayne a liar and a bully. This caused Mrs Pickles to make a grab for Sandra, which Sandra responded to by slapping Mrs Pickles, knocking her for six. Astonished at Sandra's reaction, Mrs Pickles turned her attentions to Wayne, giving him a clip round the ear and demanding no more trouble from him as they left the newsagent.

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