Mrs Piper was the mother of Grace Piper, a teenage schoolgirl who showed a bullying manner and psychopathic tendencies which were apparent to many but not to her parents. Grace freely admitted that she could wrap them round her little finger in order to receive what she wanted from them.

Grace became friends with Faye Windass in the autumn of 2013 and almost immediately began to have a negative influence on her. Events reached a head when she pushed Faye into assaulting ten year-old Simon Barlow while recording the incident on her mobile phone. The footage made its way round Weatherfield High and Bessie Street School where it eventually came to the attention of Peter Barlow who confronted a distraught Anna with it. She visited Mrs Piper to have the matter out with her and her daughter, despite Faye's pleadings, but she returned disappointed, having been told by an unconcerned Mrs Piper that Faye was the one at fault.

The police were alerted to the footage and both families were summoned to Weatherfield Police Station to discuss the matter. The Pipers were seen first and as they left Mrs Piper made it clear to Anna that she still felt that Faye was the one at fault as Grace watched on, smiling.