Mrs Reddish
Mrs Reddish
First appearance 9th April 2007
Number of appearances 1
Played by Alice Barry

When it was discovered that Teresa Bryant had left her two youngest children Kayleigh and Finlay to fend for themselves whilst she went away on holiday, their father, Jerry Morton along with his elder children Jodie and Darryl, went to Teresa's house gathering up belongings to take back to 6 Coronation Street - where the children were now residing.

Nosy neighbour Mrs Reddish soon took an interest in affairs. Jerry, posing as a bailiff, told her that some of the items in the house were being repossessed as Teresa was behind in rent payments - although Mrs Reddish had been told that the house had been bought. Jerry also led her to believe that Teresa was serving a sentence in Styal Prison. Jodie kidded-on about the number of "male visitors" that Teresa had calling at the property, which fuelled the neighbour's interest even further.

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