Mrs Thornley
Spouse(s) Mr Thornley
First appearance 29th December 1971
Number of appearances 1
Played by Elizabeth Bradley

Mrs Thornley accompanied her husband to an RNLI charity ball in December 1971 at which Annie Walker made the acquaintance of Lt Commander Gerald Prince. Mr Thornley and Prince were old friends and chatted with Annie and Mrs Thornley, one of the organisers of the ball while Nellie Harvey and Kitty Stonely looked on with envy as Annie was the centre of the Lt Commander’s attention. Mrs Thornley had organised the sherry trifle as part of the meal.

Annie wouldn’t tell Mrs Thornley which part of the town she came from, saying it was quite central and gave the impression that it was a town house.

The part was played by Elizabeth Bradley who appeared as a regular in the programme from April 1993 to November 1999 in the role of wheelchair-bound battleaxe Maud Grimes.

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