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Mrs Waldron
Children Florence Waldron
First appearance 19th April 1971
Last appearance 21st April 1971
Number of appearances 2
Played by Gabrielle Hamilton

Mrs Waldron was an irate and displeased customer of Ernest Bishop's Camera Shop. Her daughter, Florence, was due to get married the following week and she had made arrangements with the shop for Ernie to take the pictures and send one to the Weatherfield Gazette with appropriate accompanying text. However Emily Nugent in a fit of absentmindedness sent the text in a week early together with someone else's photograph. Mrs Waldron said the error had caused misery and suffering: her daughter has had to go to the doctor and her fiancé has been laughed out of his local. She threatened legal action for damages. When Ernie returned to the shop, he heard that another of her compliants was that the wedding dress had been described in the paper when it should have been kept a secret. To placate her, Ernie offered to take the wedding pictures for free and pay for another wedding dress.

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