Mrs Wiggins was a guest at Tatlock Towers on their medieval-themed weekend in November 2010. She was vocal in saying that she was not happy to be there as could have had seven nights in Dubai as another option for a break. Norris Cole assumed she’d won the trip and introduced her to Mary Taylor as a fellow “comper”. Mary however had paid for the trip herself, telling Norris that it was a competition win in a bid to ensnare him, and to get out of speaking further to Mrs Wiggins told him not to fraternise with the riff-raff. The lady’s harsh demeanour disappeared when on a tour of the castle she heard the tale of its ghost - Lady Guinevere, who fell to her death from the top of the East tower in 1320 after the Prince of Denmark broke off with her. That night, Mrs Wiggins mistook the sight of Mary in her nightgown wandering the corridors for the ghost and complained to reception but a sacked and angry Reg Holdsworth put it down to alcoholic consumption and told her they charged £50 extra for seeing the spirit.