Mrs Withers
Mrs Withers
Spouse(s) Mr Withers
First appearance 15th October 2010
Last appearance 15th October 2010
Number of appearances 2
Played by Hayley Jayne Standing

Mrs Withers and her husband were prospective buyers for 13 Coronation Street and had a viewing of the house on the night that David Platt accidentally ran down Graeme Proctor in October 2010. Arriving early for their 6.30pm appointment, Claire Peacock wasn't ready for them and Joshua and Freddie were playing up in front of their guests. Even putting this to one side, they made it clear that they weren't impressed with the property, saying that they would have to decorate all through and didn't like the kitchen although Mrs Withers did admit that she liked the cobbles out in the Street. When Ashley rang Clare to say that Graeme had been hurt, she unceremoniously ended the viewing and hurried the couple out.

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